The Tools

Let's implement these best practices with your team. We provide a step-by-step guide along with an Airtable template to become data driven with your own user feedback.


Here is the Airtable base that implements the ideas presented in this guide for a fictional company — Rocket Rides. Rocket Rides is the world’s leading air travel platform: it helps pilots take people to their destinations faster.

This is a simple Airtable base with three tabs:

  • Contacts - list of customers, including their contact information and business attributes.
  • Topics - list of high-level issues, ideas, and problems that customers have provided.
  • Quotes - list of individual quotes provided by customer. Each quote is linked to a Contact and a Topic.

Using the Airtable WebClipper (only offered in the Pro plan), it is very easy to add customer quotes to this base from various sources where you may get customer feedback: GMail, Intercom, etc. Even if you are not on the Pro plan, you can just add data manually.