The Tools

Let's implement these best practices with your team. We provide a step-by-step guide along with an Airtable template to become data driven with your own user feedback.


Neel and I have taken the core ideas presented in this document and built Herald. Herald helps teams consolidate, qualify, and quantify customer feedback to make data-driven decisions. It is the easiest-to-use solution for your entire team because:

  • Our browser extensions, Front plugin, and Slack app work wherever your customers talk to you.
  • With all feedback in Herald, one can effortlessly determine the biggest problems facing specific customer segments.
  • Our customizable dashboards, Voice of the Customer report, Slack and issue tracker integrations keep your entire team connected to customer problems and reduce friction in reaching consensus.

We’d love for your team to consider adopting Herald — reach out and we’d be delighted to help :)